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Now You Can SOUnD YOUR besT with OUR THROAT DROPS…Put dryness, soreness, and hoarseness in the past with MANUKA HONEY LOZENGES.

"I LOVE THESE! They taste great, all the
while soothing my throat & helping me

accomplish longevity during my long studio days!!" @itsmckennajohns

When we saw the incredible demand for all-natural throat wellness through the Vocal Eze Spray, we knew that other products with proven ingredients could help even more people.


So in keeping with the all-natural philosophy, we added one of the most healing substances on the planet to our throat drops: pure Manuka honey!


Manuka honey is produced by bees who pollinate the flower created by the Manuka
bush, native to New Zealand. It boasts potent antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and
antioxidant benefits that will keep those vocal cords feeling like brand new.


Vocal Eze Manuka Honey Drops:

  • Taste like candy! They’re available in three tasty flavors, including Lemon,
    Strawberry and Aniseed (Black Licorice).

  • Serve as a natural cough suppressant

  • Rejuvenate dry or sore throats in a way only this super-honey can deliver.


Toss a few in your pocket and take them anywhere to keep your voice sounding great!

Manuka honey sore throat lozenges

At Vocal Eze, we believe in using the cleanest and best ingredients in the creation of all of our wellness products. Uncompromising in the highest quality of the ingredients, we proudly offer you the best of what is available for natural throat and voice wellness. 

All our products are created with all-natural ingredients which are soothing, lubricating, and hydrating to the throat. Knowing that the voice and throat can be easily irritated and inflamed, our products ensure you have the best remedy to protect and soothe the voice!


With Just a Few Drops, You Can Begin the Process of Restoring your Best Quality Voice!*


With Vocal Eze remedies on hand, you’re always just seconds away from getting rid of a dry throat and suppressing coughs and tickles when it counts most.  


All of our ingredients are derived
from natural sources and clearly
listed on our labels. You can count on
nature's gifts for your wellness. 


Rejuvenate your vocals, refresh your
throat, and increase vocal clarity, all without harmful chemicals or
inconvenient alternatives. 


With clean, plant-based ingredients,
we're using the power of time-tested
herbs to enhance vocal health and
throat wellness.

Organic Cane Sugar

Organic cane sugar is a less processed sugar in which you are able to still get certain nutrients, such as riboflavin (a B vitamin).

Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Organic brown rice syrup has been recognized as a top alternative to high-fructose, artificial sweeteners.

Manuka Honey

We use MGO 265+ Manuka honey which is known to have antiviral properties, utilized in supporting healing and fighting infection.


Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make propolis 
helpful in wound healing. 

Essential Oils

Drops include lemon oil, strawberry flavor, or aniseed oil depending on which flavor you choose.

Menthol Oil

Menthol is the main component of peppermint oil and is responsible for the noticeable cooling sensation.






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We're a husband and wife team who both grew up in musical families and wanted to make a difference for people who depended on their voice to make a living.


After experiencing firsthand having to cancel events due to illness and vocal fatigue, we knew sharing the gift of health and wellness was our calling.

All Vocal Eze remedies are created with passionate people hustling to make a living by sharing their message with the world. We made it our priority to provide access to effective, natural products that were safe for both individuals and the environment.




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