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Unlock Your Vocal Potential with Elderberry Mint Drops – Legendary Vocal Coach Laura Donohue

Unlock Your Vocal Potential with Elderberry Mint Drops – Legendary Vocal Coach Laura Donohue Unlock Your Vocal Potential with Vocal Eze Elderberry Mint Drops – Recommended by Legendary Vocal Coach Laura Donohue! We are thrilled to share some wonderful news with you. The legendary vocal coach from Nashville, Laura Donohue, of, recently tried our Vocal Eze Elderberry Mint Drops and couldn't stop raving about them! Laura, with her decades of expertise in vocal coaching, understands the importance of maintaining vocal health. She has been recommending our Elderberry Mint Drops to her students and using them herself to soothe her throat during teaching sessions and performances. In her own words, Laura emphasizes the significance of elderberry and zinc for immune health, likening the body to an instrument that requires care and maintenance. She finds our Elderberry Mint Drops delicious and particularly loves the eucalyptus oil, which helps open up the sinuses, allowing for better breathing and, consequently, improved singing performance. We are truly honored to have Laura's endorsement and to witness how our products are making a positive impact on the vocal wellness journey of so many individuals. Go to and use discount code 'YouTube15' to save 15% on your order today (the discount will expire at any given time). If you're curious to hear more about Laura's experience with Vocal Eze Elderberry Mint Drops, we encourage you to visit her website or reach out to her directly and follow her on IG And if you haven't already tried our drops, now is the perfect time to experience the soothing relief and delicious flavor for yourself! Go to and use discount code 'YouTube15' to save 15% on your order today (the discount will expire at any given time).
Throat Relief for Singers with Ginger Cayenne Lozenges | Remedy for Singing Wellness by Vocal Eze

Throat Relief for Singers with Ginger Cayenne Lozenges | Remedy for Singing Wellness by Vocal Eze At @vocaleze we are always excited to hear what musicians have to say about our #vocalwellness remedies! Everything we do is all-natural, and #voicehealth is at the top of our list of priorities. Luke Di Cola, a singer, musician, and producer from New York, is always looking for the best remedies to protect his voice so that he can continue to do what he loves every day - - sing and make music! He got a package from Vocal Eze in the mail with the new *Limited Edition* Ginger Cayenne throat drops, and he was ready to check it out and #embracetheheat. This throat drop is especially for those who love spice and a serious kick, and Luke is one of those people! He opened up the package and tried his first throat drop. He was instantly tasting the ginger flavor and feeling its warming effects, and then he began feeling the kick of heat! These #Ginger and Cayenne drops help aid saliva flow and fight inflammation, and Luke can definitely feel the increase of saliva very quickly, and says that, "...I can see myself gravitating towards these, especially when I'm in need of something drastic to aid the vocals." But in true musician style, Luke decides to create an awesome Vocal Eze jingle about the new drops and he shares it with us. "It's your choice to protect your voice with the best you can, with Ginger and Cayenne. Embrace the heat yeah, give it a whirl, cause your voice is your gift to the world. Vocal Eze, Vocal Eze, ginger throat drops yeahhhhh. "If you're a singer, you've got to protect your voice. Really give them a try. Pick them up, they are awesome, especially if you love a little kick you're going to go crazy for them!" Thanks, Luke! Glad you loved soothing your voice with the Ginger Cayenne throat drops and giving yourself the best vocals possible! Check Luke out more at: @lukedicola @Music Attic TV @bounce_method #vocaleze #throatspray #coughdrops #coughremedy #antiinflammatory #veganremedy #naturalremedy
Frontman Vocalist Derek Day on Vocal Eze Ginger Cayenne Drops | Vocal Eze Wellness Lozenges

Frontman Vocalist Derek Day on Vocal Eze Ginger Cayenne Drops | Vocal Eze Wellness Lozenges Musician and vocalist Derek Day (@derekdaymusic) spends up to 4 hours or more performing intense vocals during his shows, and he doesn't perform, rehearse or record without having Vocal Eze remedies on hand. He's a huge fan of the natural vocal wellness care line and has just tried the Vocal Eze *Limited Edition* Ginger Cayenne throat drops for the first time. Quickly it's obvious his passion for Vocal Eze remedies has extended to the new drops. A huge fan of ginger and cayenne pepper (some of his favorite ingredients), Derek feels this drop gives a serious kick when you need it most, loving the nice bit of heat and spice the drop gives along with the soothing and warming ginger flavor. A regular performer, with a show happening this very night, he's had 2 drops and is already feeling ready vocally, even after his 4 hour show the previous night. Going on tour soon, Derek Day even proclaims he is going to take a "suitcase full of these" with him to keep his vocals in shape and his voice feeling strong. Check out his new single "Give It To Me" or (if you're in Los Angeles) at The Killer Yacht Club on Thursdays. He also voices that he is glad Vocal Eze is "getting more aggressive with their throat-healing powers"....since this is a LIMITED EDITION flavor that is only available until it is sold out, we're glad that he is excited and loving the flavor and results that the Ginger Cayenne throat drop is giving him! If you're interested in checking out Vocal Eze remedies, or if you're especially curious about our new Ginger Cayenne throat lozenges, check us out at or see what we're up to on Instagram at @vocaleze. We're passionate about natural vocal wellness for singers, speakers, preachers, teachers and anyone who uses their voice daily as a force for good! Our vocal wellness lineup includes the #1 artist endorsed throat spray, Manuka honey sticks and jars, Manuka honey throat lozenges, Manuka honey elixir and now our LIMITED EDITION vegan Ginger Cayenne throat drop. Embrace the heat and continue to share your voice and be a force for good!
Mad Welsley Shares Her Passion For Music: Supported by Vocal Eze

Mad Welsley Shares Her Passion For Music: Supported by Vocal Eze When Mundane Magazine and Vocal Eze collaborated to spotlight and support rising musician Mad Welsley (@madwelsley), we were impressed with her insight into her own vocal health and wellness and the care she does daily to keep her voice in its best performance shape. Born Madison Welsley, she started going by "Mad" when her family and friends began to call her that and it simply stuck. Inspired from a young age by her dad, who is also a musician, she grew up going to listen to him perform live music at his gigs and was inspired to do the same. She began singing from an early age...likely before she even spoke in full sentences, according to her mom! Nailing down her particular style of music, Mad credits growing up in Memphis and being inspired by R&B, soul, blues, and pop for the unique style she has developed with her producer and that shows up in the music she creates. Understanding the importance of technique and using one's voice properly, Mad began to take vocal lessons years ago and has instilled in herself strong vocal habits from vocal warmups daily to utilizing healthy singer tools like vocal throat sprays and Manuka honey sticks from Vocal Eze, as well as drinking teas regularly. She knows that vocal health is a priority to having a strong and successful career as an artist, and to stay healthy overall as an individual. Like many musicians, quarantine has been an interesting time for her. A typically scheduled and regimented individual, Mad has realized that her time in sheltering in place has allowed her to be more flexible and create a healthy and workable strategy for feeling good and accomplishing what she wants. Taking walks has been a big part of her getting through this quarantine, along with giving herself time to seek creativity as it comes instead of forcing it. Because of that, she's been creating more music as time has passed and continues to focus on making music her full-time career in the next 5 years. She's a bright and focused individual and we know with good vocal health and habits, creative energy, and the ambition she has, she can make her career long-term. To learn more about Mad Welsley and listen to her music, including her new single “Champagne Taste”, visit or connect with her on IG/YouTube/Twitter: @madwelsley / FB: @madwelsleymusic. #vocaleze #vocalhealth #vocalhealthtips #manukahoney #singerstips #vocalwellness #madwelsley #nashvillemusician #memphismusician #recordingartist #honeysticks #throatspray #voicelessons #vocalcoach #recordingstudio
Joshua Howard Music in the Vocal Eze Studio

Joshua Howard Music in the Vocal Eze Studio Growing up, singer-songwriter Joshua Howard was always around music. His dad was a choir director and Joshua was often pulled in to play drums for the choir. On one occasion while driving in the car, they were listening to “Oh Happy Day”, from the Sister Act 2 movie, and Joshua sang out a particularly high note in the song. Impressed with his son’s ability to sing, his dad had him sing that song with the choir, and from there Joshua was hooked into music, both singing and playing the drums. He knew that he was different and that music was was his way to continue to find his own voice. Not liking the idea of a 9-to-5 desk job, Joshua believed that his God-abilities were a gift to him and he knew he needed to find a way to use them. “I didn’t get into it for the money…I just love what I do.” As it is for many singers and musicians, open mics were one of the main ways Joshua began playing his music around Pennsylvania. One particular coffee house, Steel City Coffee House, was where he did many open mics and eventually did his first show there as well. His music influences showed up in his songs then and continue to do so today. When asked who those influences are, Joshua instantly mentions legendary singer-songwriter James Taylor. With his father a huge fan of JT, Joshua became one too, to this day. Amos Lee is another singer-songwriter who Joshua is inspired by and who influences his music and writing. One of the more recent songs that sticks out in Joshua’s mind that he wants to share with everyone is “In It Together”, a song he co-wrote with fellow songwriter Marielle Kraft. It’s an inspiration and true meaning lie in the fact that we truly are all “in it together” and that love and kindness are the basis of all of us sharing and co-living this life together on early. Check it out on Spotify! One of the main challenges Joshua had on his trip to Nashville for a gig recently was driving straight through from Pennsylvania to Nashville, by himself. “It took a toll on me, I didn’t get rest and it was hard on me to do the show.” He got through it with the help of Vocal Eze throat spray! A singers throat spray with natural ingredients to soothe and protect the throat, he sprayed about 5 sprays into the back of his throat and said, “The taste was very good….it was very soothing, and I could taste the honey.” Being a huge Manuka honey fan, Joshua is working on integrating the Vocal Eze vocal wellness remedies into his everyday life, whether he is playing a live show or going into the studio, to continue to support his vocals and give him a healthy vocal response. He likes having a wellness routine and is making Vocal Eze a part of it! To learn more about Joshua Howard and listen to his songs, including “In It Together”, visit or connect with him on Instagram at @joshuahowardmusic #joshuahowardmusic.
Darci Carlson Outlaw Country Diva in the Vocal Eze Studio

Darci Carlson Outlaw Country Diva in the Vocal Eze Studio Deeply committed to vocal health and wellness, singer-songwriter Darci Carlson (@darcidarling) is energetic and fiery, the perfect example of the “outlaw country” music she represents. A fan of Vocal Eze since high school, it's her favorite #singerspray, and one that she uses for every single performance, keeping it in her gig bag and never going on stage without it. Growing up, having her dad play her #classicrock music, including bands like ZZ Top, when she heard the song “La Grange”, it changed everything for her. It was at that point that she knew that music was going to be her focus, her life. As she explained, “If you truly love music and it’s in your heart and soul…there’s nothing you can’t do.” Having a true musical soul, Darci also knew that to be able to do what she wanted to and make a career out of music, she had to take care of her instrument - her voice! Visit and use discount code 'youtube15' to save 15% today on your vocal remedies. “Believing in yourself and taking it seriously…it’s taking care of yourself and the longevity that comes with it. It’s not easy at all…it’s deciding if I’m going to do this and be as professional as I can be, I’ve got to treat this like an instrument…I love Vocal Eze for that reason.” Being a fan of our throat spray, Manuka honey drops, and Manuka honey sticks, Darci was quick to put the sticks in her tea at our photoshoot and interview and says she carries these remedies with her all the time. Performing both as Darci Carlson, and as part of Amaker DeathSquad, she sees her role in the outlaw country, Quentin Tarantino-esque musical performances as something that motivates and excites her, constantly performing and playing to her fans everywhere. One thing is for sure, if you haven’t heard Darci play yet, you’ve got to go check her out right now and get a taste of this badass, awesome musician who is changing the world around her with her musical performances. Find out more about Darci’s music… FB: DarciCarlsonMusic IG: @DarciDarling Visit and use discount code 'youtube15' to save 15% today on your vocal remedies. #darcidarling #darcicarlsonmusic #countryoutlaw #vocaleze #vocalwellness #manukahoney #manukahoneysticks #tea #throatspray #singersongwriter #livemusic #musicalperformance #nashville #lozenges #supplements #guitarist #vocalist #musicianlife

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