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The Vocal Eze Spray was developed in 2001 by an in-demand wellness coordinator who took care of artists and production crews in the national recording industry both on and off the road. Touring with Lilith Fair, the Dixie Chicks, Emmylou Harris, Shania Twain, Linkin Park, Earth, Wind, & Fire, just to name a few, only the best remedies were created to support these musicians at the highest level.


While once only available to musicians "in the know" these remedies are now available to you!


What makes it so game-changing?

✅ It's made from wellness-boosting, all-natural ingredients

✅ Uses NO harsh chemicals, NO artificial flavoring, NO fillers, and NO additives (nothing you wouldn't want to put in your body)

✅ Soothes, hydrates, warms, lubricates and protects the throat

✅ Fast-acting: feel ready-to-go after just a few sprays

✅ Acts as a bronchial-dilator to open up the airways and increase oxygen intake

✅ Works as a daily vocal care spray with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and immune-boosting properties

"A life-saver for my voice!"

When we saw the incredible demand for all-natural throat wellness through the Vocal Eze Spray, we knew that other products with proven ingredients could help even more people.


So in keeping with the all-natural philosophy, we added one of the most healing substances on the planet to our throat drops: pure Manuka honey!


Manuka honey is produced by bees who pollinate the flower created by the Manuka
bush, native to New Zealand. It boasts potent antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and
antioxidant benefits that will keep those vocal cords feeling like brand new.


Vocal Eze Manuka Honey Drops:

✅ Taste like candy! They’re available in three tasty flavors, including Lemon,
Strawberry and Aniseed (Black Licorice).

✅ Serve as a natural cough suppressant

✅ Rejuvenate dry or sore throats in a way only this super-honey can deliver.


Toss a few in your pocket and take them anywhere to keep your voice sounding great!

Soothing, Delicious Lozenges Using The World's Most

Powerful Honey.


"I LOVE THESE! They taste great, all the
while soothing my throat & helping me

accomplish longevity during my long studio days!!" @itsmckennajohns


If ever there was a potent & portable kit to throw in your gig bag, this is it!


The Voice Saver Kit includes a bottle of our revolutionary spray with a packet of 12 Manuka Honey Drops. You get the best of both worlds and get to choose lemon, strawberry or aniseed drops. 


And when you enroll in the Vocal Eze VIP club, you save even more when you put your vocal wellness on autopilot!


Portable honey sticks for your throat's convenience.

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Vocal Eze has partnered with Arataki Apiary in New Zealand to bring you this delicious liquid gold produced from the nectar of flowers of the Manuka Bush found native within the beautiful South Pacific setting of New Zealand. The family’s honey business was established over 75 years ago by Percy Berry and his son, Ian. It’s always been their goal to keep traditional methods of harvesting to ensure the highest standard and quality of Manuka honey. Because it is still a family-run business to this day, multiple generations are involved in all aspects of production, ‘from hive to honey pot’. Arataki prioritizes sustainability and the environment by using geothermal energy extensively to ensure minimal carbon footprint during production. In addition, Arataki honey does not use any chemicals in the processing of their honey and all of their products are GMO-FREE. Enjoy nature’s golden treasure!


✅  MULTIPLE USES: Enjoy in tea or coffee or just eat it straight and enjoy the soothing effects. In addition to the sweet flavor profile, world-renowned Manuka honey has naturally occurring live enzymes and antibacterial and antiviral properties which is why it is taken daily by many fans including vocalists, nutritionists, and athletes.

✅  MONOFLORAL HONEY: Our Manuka Honey is raw, never pasteurized, verified New Zealand Manuka Honey, and traceable from hive to jar. 

✅  NEW ZEALAND HONEY BEES: Over a period of six weeks, New Zealand honey bees buzz around the Manuka bush, hard at work producing honey consumed globally every year. We source our honey from one of the most credible farms in New Zealand called Arataki Apiary, which uses sustainable methods to ensure quality for generations to come. 

✅  AUTHENTIC FLAVOR: As the honey crystals dissolve on your tongue, your taste buds will come alive as they recognize earthy notes and caramelized sugars. You get 20 portable sticks in a sealable pouch for your convenience.

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Order right now with confidence. We’ve taken the tricks out of money-back guarantees. If you simply don't love any of our products we will reimburse you the total amount including shipping—done and done. Try it out for 30 days and if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back! There’s absolute no-risk in giving it a try.


Even if you just don’t like the flavor, you can get your money back!

Visit our Shipping & Returns page or email support[at] to process a refund.

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An elixir for your cough & immune system.

Fuel your immunity and power through your dry cough with Vocal Eze’s Manuka Honey Elixir, a powerful syrup that delivers an effective combination of essential oils including Fennel oil, Peppermint oil, Clove leaf oil, Eucalyptus oil, and Tea Tree oil. We also have included Manuka honey and apple cider vinegar, which have been used for centuries for their immune-supporting antioxidants that stop free radicals in their tracks. Bryonia is a key homeopathic, plant-based ingredient that may support dry cough and has been used for thousands of years to do so. This elixir is a great immunity booster for every season.


✅  YOUR SUPERIOR IMMUNITY SUPPORT Manuka honey is used around the world as an immunity booster that delivers potent antioxidants to help support immune system health while fighting off free radicals in the body.

✅  FORMULATED FOR DEFENSE This unique formula combines just the right amount of Bryonia, propolis, apple cider vinegar, and Vitamin C to make sure you’re giving your body everything it needs to maintain a strong defense.

✅  ANTIOXIDANT OILS Antioxidants are your wellness BFFs, working to fight off free radicals and keep your body healthy and functioning properly. Fennel oil, Peppermint oil, Clove leaf oil, Eucalyptus oil, and Tea Tree oil are all included in this powerful formula to support your immune system year-round.

✅  FAST-ACTING FORMULA Created with the highest quality ingredients without any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Dry cough-be-gone with our effective, non-drowsy formulation.

✅  WHAT SETS US APART? At Vocal Eze, we use only the highest-quality ingredients in an FDA certified facility following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). All of our remedies are 3rd party tested so you can be confident that you’re fueling your body with the very best.

MHJ front.png

imported from the pristine lands of 

new zealand

This high-grade, premium Manuka Honey MGO 150+ from New Zealand contains a minimum of 150mg/kg of methylglyoxal, the naturally occurring compound that is said to be anti-viral and antibacterial. Manuka honey is known to be used in bandages and comes from New Zealand's pristine and remote areas where the beehives are fully traceable. We use Mossop’s family honey from beehive to your shelf.

✅  MONOFLORAL HONEY: Our Manuka Honey is raw, never pasteurized, Enjoy 1.1 lbs. (17.6 oz) BPA free, non-leaching poly jar filled with delicious honey.

✅  NEW ZEALAND HONEY BEES: Over a period of six weeks, New Zealand honey bees are hard at work producing tons of honey consumed globally every year. Our honey is raw, Non-GMO project verified and every jar is sourced, packed, and sealed in New Zealand for the ultimate in authentic quality.

✅ AUTHENTIC FLAVOR: As the honey crystals dissolve on your tongue, your taste buds will come alive as they recognize earthy notes and caramelized sugars. No need to refrigerate once opened.

✅  MULTIPLE USES: Manuka honey is a superfood is used for home “remedies”, DIY beauty regimes, energy for active lifestyles or drizzled on your favorite foods. In addition to the bold flavor profile; world-renowned Manuka honey has naturally occurring live enzymes and is taken daily by many consumers including nutritionists and athletes.

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